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Proving the correctness of the proverb that grinds iron and becomes a needle

The proverb “Having a merit to grind iron has a day to become a needle” emphasizes the role of perseverance in performing a job or a certain plan in life. Using your knowledge, please prove the correctness of the proverb that grinds iron to make a needle.

I. Detailed outline for the topic to prove the proverb There is merit to grinding iron with a day to become a needle

1. Opening lesson

    • Overview of reality: Life is not always full of roses, but people always have to face difficulties and challenges. There are people who face difficulties and become discouraged and discouraged. But there are also people who patiently endure, overcome and wait for such people to be sweet results.
    • Leading to the problem to be proven: Talking about perseverance, our ancestors also have a saying: “Having a merit to grind iron has a day to become a needle”.

2. Body

  • Explain:

+ Literal meaning: The proverb uses two images: “iron rod” and “needle”. The literal meaning of the proverb is shown right in the words: A long and large iron bar, but only with “contribution” – with human perseverance and hard work, one day the other iron bar will also become a needle.

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+ Figurative meaning: The iron grinding here symbolizes long, hard work. To complete that job, people need skills and experience, but most importantly, people need perseverance. If you do not persevere, then the original “iron rod” has no benefits, no effect can become a “needle” to help people in sewing.

  • Meaning of the whole sentence: Thus, the proverb has emphasized the role of perseverance – the determination to the end to complete the work in life.
  • Prove:

+ To create the small filament inside to help light the light bulb, Edison had to go through thousands of failed experiments. But perseverance kept him from giving up, and in the end, Edison succeeded.

+ Nguyen Ngoc Ky from a disabled boy who lost both hands, but thanks to his perseverance and relentless efforts, he became a talented teacher…

  • All the miracles in that life are created by human perseverance.

3. Conclusion

  • Affirming the correctness and meaning of the proverb: In short, the proverb is correct, practical advice that helps us to understand one thing: Persistence is an extremely necessary virtue for each individual because it will help us to have the determination and constant efforts to achieve success in life.
  • Lessons of awareness and action: Each person must train themselves in the virtue of perseverance, to stay firm in the face of all difficulties and challenges…